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Terms: living fossils, metamorphic, Law of superposition, Cyclops, biomarkers/chemical fossils, functional extinction, taphonomy, E/MSY, LIP, anthropogenic, species diversity, Coelophysis, Gryphon, extinction, carbonization, Baron Georges Cuvier, endocast, ichnofossil, trace fossils, diagenesis, permineralization, replacement, Cambrian explosion, recrystallization, Lagerstatten, Signor-Lipps effect, Lazarus taxa, Geozoic, amniotic egg, the Great Dying, Nicholas Steno, fungal or fern spike, Pangea, Jack Sepkoski, weathering, pedogenesis, Siberian traps.Know the geological history chart/termsOrigin of life, eukaryotes, sex, vascular plants, multi-cellular life, metazoans, reptiles, mammals/birds, flowering plantsBe able to describe what the graphs (below) are illustrating and what you’d predict from themBe able to respond to the short answer questions, such as the following (NOT inclusive!): 1.What is the typical ‘lifespan” of a species? Draw the shape of this distributi…

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